Break Down the Walls You’ve Built, and Let People In!

 Everyone has been hurt, gone through a life changing situation, or has fears. Due to this, there is a mutual understanding among all of us. We may not have dealt with the same exact situation, we may not have been there for you in the particular moment in your life, but we all know what pain or fear feels like. We all have walls up, and go through life afraid to let people in, or to simply break down these walls, because we are afraid to be hurt again.

 Create Your Own Path

Personally, I have been hurt, and have been afraid to try something new, but no matter what I jumped- I embraced change. My friends growing up were all apart of the same group. I decided to venture off and try student government, where I made amazing memories, friends, and helped create new experiences for others, and helped people by completing community service. I was the first person in my family, to leave the nest and attend college, miles and hours away from home. I went by myself, without knowing many people at first, and yet I took down my wall and embraced new peers, became apart of wonderful organizations, and yes, got lost many times, but eventually found my way- metaphorically and literally. I am about to make an enormous life change. I am graduating college in May, and applying for jobs and internships, deciding on where and what state I should live in, and once again, leaving the place I called home for four years to start a new adventure.

 Do something different

Aside from this, there will be a time in your life that you will meet someone, become apart of an organization, learn something new, or start a new chapter in your life. This is the time to face your fears and let down that wall, in order to experience new memories, meet new people, or welcome love into your life. It my not be easy, but it will be worthwhile. I can’t tell you it won’t be a struggle, however the results you will receive, will be life changing and positive.

I can tell you that if you let people in, your life will be richer, and you will be happier. Sure, you risk being hurt once more, but I believe it is better to risk it, than shut yourself out from the world and limit yourself to endless possibilities.

I urge you, break down your walls you’ve built, and let people in. There are far more possibilities for happiness then excuses.

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YOU- What are you going to do this week to help yourself pull down those walls? I’d love to hear from you.. Please comment with your answers and stories 🙂

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Let People in- or animals, specifically a lion….

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Break Down the walls you build


Do Something Different

Do something out of the ordinary, and away from your comfort zone. Try a new class, jump out of a plane, travel around the world. Turn away from the norm, and enhance your life in any way you can, and in any way that makes you happy. Blast your music, put the windows down in your car, dance like crazy in front of your mirror, and sing your heart out while in the shower. Why not? Life is way too short to be keeping it safe, and constricting yourself to the same daily schedule. Although I have mentioned this before, I want to emphasize the importance of finding yourself, and finding what you love. I encourage you to do something that you have never done before, and something you have always wanted to try, or complete.

No matter how old you are- you’re young, and it’s never too late. You can do anything you set your mind to. I believe this 110%. Find out who you are and discover new hobbies. But most importantly just get out there. Help yourself and help others.

Create a bucket list, and actually complete your list. Get in touch with your creative side, and produce something, invent something, be innovative.


I am requesting that you comment on this blog post, with something on your bucket list, or something you have always wanted to do. I would love to hear your ideas, and together we can collaborate and push each other to reach our goals and dreams.

You’re not promised tomorrow, why shy yourself of today?

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My University, Florida State, has some amazing, inspirational fraternity brothers of Theta Chi Gamma Rho, who showed their support to fellow brothers who unfortunately have been diagnosed with cancer. They fund-raised throughout the school and community to help them. For every one hundred dollars raised, one brother shaved his head in support. I am proud to say I am amongst such amazing, inspirational people. They are the epitome in having a positive outlook, and being an inspiration. This is just one example of “Doing something different.”

This is their video:

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20 Questions You Should ask Yourself Every Sunday

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You Learn Something New Everyday

All you need to do is open your eyes, ears, and hearts to the world around you. Just stop and listen, and realize there is a whole world around you wanting to teach you everything and anything. Certain life lessons go beyond a text book and classroom setting. It is in mediocre areas in your day where sparks of amazing could emerge. Inspiration and knowledge can come from anyone at any time. Whether it is a way to live your life easier, or an eye opening story, you wake up each morning with the ability to learn something you didn’t know yesterday.


You have the chance to increase your knowledge, from something in your career, daily life of just a fun fact. Listen to the people around you. Have a conversation, and let the other person dominate. This could allow you to actually hear what they have to say, instead of you thinking of what you want to say next. You will also get to know the person standing across from you, and learn their life lessons. You could be standing in the grocery store checkout line, walking to class, or even standing in the elevator. Each day brings you the opportunity to grow, and learn from other people.

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Smile, even though your heart is aching


We all have to go through tough life situations. Of course something unfortunate always happens at the worst time, or unexpectedly. You have a busy life, and now you have to deal with your daily tasks, as well as the weight of whatever happened influencing you at every move. It can have a negative effect on your day, give you anxiety, depression or even more stress. However, we must all find the positivity in the world, and in our own life. There has to be something good to lift up your spirits, whether it’s friends and family, your favorite binge food, a great song, or just the mere fact that you are alive today, you have food in your stomach, a place to live and a support system- whether you realize it or not. It is important to “Smile, even though your heart is aching.” I know it is tough to do, especially when you just want to cry, or scream, or hide away. I understand you have burdens, and this last blow was just too much to handle. However, take a step back. Weigh out the negatives and positives. I bet you, you have a lot more positive things going on in your life, more than you thought.


I will share with you a very personal example of mine. When I was in middle school, my parents were getting a divorce, I was going through that awkward phase (we all go through) and both my remaining grandparents passed away– all within a matter of months. It was unbearable- yet I conquered through it. I ran for officer positions in some amazing clubs, like Student Government, The Leo Club, and Thespians. I also turned to my best friends for advice and to remind me that life can be uplifting. I started going to Hebrew school once a week, which taught me about my religion and life. I also took on a part time job- I was a hostess for children birthday parties, and a camp counselor during the summers. Why did I share this with you? Well, I got through it. I kept my head held high, and a SMILE on my face. I laughed and lived my life. That was one of the toughest times I have ever endured, but I survived. It made me the person I am today. YOU can be strong, independent, smart, and full of laughter and joy. All you have to do is smile through the pain. I promise you, it will get better, and it may not seem like it now- but it will teach you so much. Just remember, Smile, even though your heart is aching.

Feel Free to leave comments, or personal stories of how you made it through your toughest time, or what you’re going through now. Just, Smile!

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Smile- Nat King Cole

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Must Watch!

This man is so unbelievably inspiring. He is an amazing motivational speaker. We relates to his audience, and teaches them that life is about staying positive and smiling.

Say NO Less!

You might have a busy schedule and a million things going on at once, however, if you go to that meeting, participate in that community service project, or attend that dance class your friends have been asking you to go to forever, you will be a happier person. What gives me the right to say this? Well I am a financially independent student, taking six undergraduate classes, managing community service activities, trying to take zumba classes, all while managing a boyfriend and a social life. Yes, it is exhausting, but if you don’t live your life, then who is going to do it for you? You only get one shot, you might as well be exposed to new things. You never know what you can fall in love with.

We need to learn to channel our energy into doing things that make us happy, use our time to discover new interests and hobbies, and use our time to the fullest. Yes, you’re tired and all you want to do is take a nap or stay away from people. However, if you challenge yourself to do something new once or twice a week, you can live a fuller life. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for feeding it knowledge and showing yourself new experiences. It is important to be well rounded- even though your bed is calling your name. Stop dodging all the activities you tell yourself you’ll get to one day.

This being said, go to that gym class you keep hearing about, check out that band that plays at your favorite restaurant, attend an informational meeting, see that guest speaker, but most importantly, say no less.

Please feel free to comment about your experiences when you said No Less! 🙂

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Og Mandino is an inspirational speaker and writer. He came from a troubled past, and turned it around with positive thinking and inspiration.

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This website contains thirteen powerful quotes on how to live a successful life. These quotes are empowering and will give you inspiration to “say no less.”

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Will Smith, in The Pursuit of Happiness tells his son initially to not get his hopes up and expect something to happen. When his son stops playing basketball, Smith realizes what he just said to his son. He then tells him to “never let anyone chase you away from your dreams, and tell you you can’t do something.” This ties into this week’s blog post because we are constantly telling ourselves we can’t do something, or telling ourselves “no.” Once we eliminate “no” from our vocabulary, we will let in many wonderful experiences.

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Experience– Picture obtained from Flickr

This picture epitomizes the concept of this week’s lesson. When you say “no less” you didn’t just stay in, or stick to the inside of your turtle shell- you went out and experienced something new.

“If There’s A Will, There’s A Way”

My motto in life is, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” This quote always gives me the extra push I need when “life’s got me down.” Sometimes it seems like everything is crashing down at once, or your top goal seems to be getting further and further away.

We will always have set backs in life. The one day you’re late, you will hit every red light possible, or your car won’t start. When the biggest project deadline or paper is due, your computer won’t start or your printer will explode. When you forget your umbrella, it will be pouring outside. When life finally seems to be in order, countless set backs will occur that is beyond your control.




However, if you stick to what you believe in, if you are persistent with what you want most in life, and truly work hard for your goal, eventually it will come true. It may happen a lot later than you expected, or maybe not in the ideal way you pictured, but if you have a will to do, act, make something, there is a way.

You just have to be consistent and persistent with what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you “no.” If you can dream or think it, there is a way to make it happen. Don’t let whatever is in your way now keep you down, or allow you to think anything is impossible. With that attitude, there is no way. However, if you stay clear of what you want, and have a passionate “will,” there will ALWAYS be a way.

Feel free to comment with stories of how “If there’s a will, there’s a way” allowed you to reach your goals.

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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer- Inspirational Speaker

He has video and Podcasts available, as he was on Oprah.

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LifeHack- Sentences that can change your life

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Inspiration- “If there’s a will, there’s a way”                                               Photo Obtained from Flickr